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We supply the Primary Industries with innovative products and technology-based solutions from around the world.

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Driven by a vision of thriving soil and empowered farmers, Horizon design and manufacture innovative agricultural products that prioritise both soil regeneration and enhanced productivity.

Their commitment to developing and manufacturing groundbreaking solutions challenges the status quo and delivers impactful environmental benefits.

Fire suppression technology with remarkable extinguishing capabilities and capacity. From individual use, through to first responders and industrial solutions, our range of Firestryker fire suppression solutions have the capability to meet the complex challenges of modern fires.

Protect yourself, and your teams, with 21st century fire suppression technology.

Freshfilter are the world’s leading manufacturer of cab overpressure systems that conform to the stringent EU standards.

These innovative systems provide practicable solutions for Fleet Managers & Machine Owners in protecting operators from harmful airborne hazards.

Grapevine pruning, foliage management, plant protection, soil management – work in the vineyard is not only diverse, but also changes each year.

KMS Rinklin offers equipment for all locations robust, individually adaptable and user-friendly – reducing working hours in the vineyard and improving the quality of your grapes.

Gason have continued the strong tradition of Chris Grow Mowers which are well regarded throughout New Zealand for their strong engineering and innovation.

In addition to vineyard mowers, the Gason product line-up includes VHD mowers and slashers designed for public works, crop stubble mulchers, and other agricultural equipment.

Grow crops all year round – in any climate!

Vertical Farm Systems proudly offers the XA Series Automated Growing System & XF Fodder System – multi-level growing systems for commercial production of leafy greens, stock fodder, herbs or plant seedlings. Harvest times and end product quality are consistent and reliable, allowing you as a commercial grower to confidently commit to delivery schedules and off-take agreements.

We are proud to be the distributor of Vapormatic products for the South Island and Farmlands stores throughout New Zealand.

Founded in 1949, the Vapormatic Company has grown into a global company marketing one of the largest ranges of replacement tractor parts and accessories in the world and distributing products to a growing customer base in over 90 countries.


Cab Overpressure Systems

“As far as we are concerned, we want to be sure our staff are working in a safe environment. We can now promise all our operators that they will not spray without a Freshfilter system. The display screen inside the cab is added reassurance, as it constantly monitors the air quality.”
Dave Collingwood, Vineyard Manager, Yealands Wines

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We are Landlogic

We supply quality products and technology-based solutions to meet the needs of our primary industries, to keep NZ production sustainable and at the forefront of global markets.

Quality Products &
Technology-based solutions

keep NZ production sustainable and at the forefront of global markets


Landlogic, we supply quality products and technology-based solutions to meet the needs of our primary industries.

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