‘Cropper Topper’ Winglift Broadacre Stubble Mulchers


Gason ‘Cropper Topper’ Winglift Broadacre Stubble Mulchers are an ‘all gear drive’ (no belts) stubble mulcher that meets the requirements of most modern-day, continuous cropping cereal, growers.

The ‘Cropper Topper’ is perfect for operators who require a higher level of trashing efficiency, sturdy machine design and construction, coupled with reliable performance values.

With four sizes available, no job is too big for the Cropper Topper.

Suitable for 120 to 340 PTO HP Tractors (subject to compatible Tractor specifications).


Base Features:

  • 7.13m – 12.47m cutting widths
  • Easy clean, 6mm folded deck including an open back for more even spread of cutting
  • 205HP Comer gearbox driveline (4 Rotor machines), or 360HP Comer gearbox driveline (6 Rotor machines)
  • Comer V80 series PTO shaft (4 Rotor machines), or Walterscheid P675 series PTO shaft (6 Rotor machines)
  • 4 Plate over-run clutch (4 Rotor machines), or Shear bolt assembly (6 Rotor machines)
  • Front and rear safety debris chains
  • Level lift hydraulic phasing cylinders to drawbar and wheel assemblies
  • Two-position rear guards offer closed and open back for discharge control


Optional Features:

  • Deck mounted debris fan kit (3 fans)
  • Single debris fan, mounted to the rear of the tractor
  • Oil seal protector kit – 4 or 6 rotor
  • Front stabiliser wheel kit (35Ft and 41Ft models)


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