Vertical Farm Systems

Grow crops all year round - in any climate!

Vertical Farm Systems

In agribusiness the commercial production of leafy greens, herbs or plant seedlings using multi-level growing systems is rapidly expanding around the world.

The challenge all these new businesses face is to be commercially viable against the low costs of traditional open-field farming.

After 9 years of intensive design, development and commercial testing Vertical Farm Systems proudly offers the XA Series Automated Growing System & XF Fodder System.

XA Warehouse Systems

XF Fodder Systems

Reliable Harvests

In a well-managed Vertical Farming System there are no ‘seasonal crops’ and there are no crop losses. Harvest times and end product quality are consistent and reliable, allowing you as a commercial grower to confidently commit to delivery schedules and off take agreements.

Reduce Overheads

Production overheads in our installations  are  commercially competitive and predictable. In some locations with good selling prices and reasonable power and building rental costs a 30%+ Return on Investment can be achieved.                                    

Optimised Energy

High thermal efficiency climate cells greatly reduce energy use for climate control. There is ~80% less air volume in one of our climate cells compared to the same size open-rack system         in a warehouse. 

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