Regeneration Through Innovation


Facing the urgent challenge of soil degradation, we understand the need for reliable, high-quality machinery that addresses agronomic concerns while boosting efficiency, yield and profitability.

Enter Horizon – Driven by a vision of thriving soil and empowered farmers, Horizon design and manufacture innovative agricultural products that prioritise both soil regeneration and enhanced productivity.

Their commitment to developing and manufacturing groundbreaking solutions challenges the status quo and delivers impactful environmental benefits.

Join us in cultivating a sustainable future for our farms and our planet.

DSX - Direct Seed Drill

SPX - Strip-Till Cultivator

PPX - Precision Planter

M:DSX – Mounted No-Till Drill

FT2200 – Dual Hopper

Sustainable innovation from the ground up

We are proud to partner with Horizon Agricultural Machinery, a company founded by George Sly, a farmer driven by a passion for agronomy and a deep concern for soil health.

The Sly family farm in Lincolnshire serves as the beating heart of Horizon Agriculture’s mission, fully embracing regenerative agriculture practices:

  • No-till direct drilling: Minimising soil disruption for improved structure and moisture retention.
  • Diverse crop rotations & cover crops: Enhancing soil health and nutrient cycling.
  • Integrated grazing: Leveraging sheep to naturally fertilise and improve soil biology.
  • Strip-tillage with living cover crops: Promoting soil health and organic matter.
  • Agroforestry: Integrating trees for biodiversity and long-term benefits.
  • Reduced synthetic inputs: Minimising environmental impact while maintaining profitability.

As farmers themselves, those at Horizon understand the need for innovative agricultural machinery that supports both economic viability and environmental sustainability. 

By choosing Horizon, you’re not just investing in your farm, you’re investing in a healthier future for generations to come.

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