SPX – Strip Till Cultivator

The Horizon SPX, born from over 15 years of strip tillage expertise at Horizon Agriculture, is designed to adapt seamlessly to different applications and field conditions.

Whether you’re tackling varied crops, soil types, or residue levels, the SPX delivers the precision and flexibility you need for optimal results.


Base Features:

  • Flexible number of row units – up to 12 rows
  • Flexible row spacing – from 400mm
  • Expandable folding toolbar – 4.4m or 6m
  • Market leading coulter row unit
  • Leg with pin depth adjustment
  • Tungsten carbide wear legs
  • Tungsten carbide points
  • Shear bolt reset
  • Air downforce


Optional Features:

  • Granular application
  • Slurry Injection System utilising a Vogelsang macerator
  • Single or double disc seeding application
  • Vibrotine kit (refresh)
  • Tine wing kit (narrow and wide)
  • Hydraulic auto reset
  • Hydraulic downforce
  • Section control
  • Liquid fertiliser manifold mount
  • Rubber packing wheels
  • Single row seeding kit
  • Double row seeding kit
  • Hydraulic markers
  • Dry fertiliser shanks


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