Cab air quality systems

Is your employee’s health and wellbeing important to you?

Cabin air filtration is important. Whether your company is in mining, sorting, asbestos removal, spraying agrichemicals or forestry. The cab air quality that your operator is working in needs to be considered.

Introducing Freshfilter to the New Zealand market.

Freshfilter are the world’s leading manufacturer of cab overpressure systems that conform to the stringent EU standards. These innovative systems provide practicable solutions for Fleet Managers & Machine Owners in protecting operators from harmful airborne hazards.


This new era in Cabin Air Filtration combines the durability of stainless steel components, with high grade HEPA filters and digital controllers which monitor cabin pressure, CO2 & hydrocarbons.

All Freshfilter systems utilise advanced cabin air filtration technologies that are designed to combat any health issues due to poor air quality now, or into the future.

Each Freshfilter Cabin Air Filtration System has been designed to comply with:

  • International Standards ISO 10263 & ISO 23875
  • HEPA Filter International Standards EN1822 / 29463
  • Active Carbon Filters International Standards EN14387


Freshfilter Systems:

  • Increase employee retention
  • Contribute to Health & Safety measures
  • Optimise the productivity of employees and the equipment of its customers
  • Provides employers & fleet managers with a valuable tool to be able to track and manage cab filtration for peace of mind that operators are protected from harmful substances


Freshfilter’s extensive experience within these different markets has enabled it to develop systems to suit all machinery types and can be custom installed to meet the need of any customer.


Alan caught up with Andy from The Rural Roundup to discuss the serious health risks faced by rural workers exposed to airborne hazards.
The pair also talked about the Freshfilter over-pressure system, and its many benefits for employers, rural families and communities.
Search ‘The Rural Roundup’ on Spotify, or listen online here.


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