Freshfilter Filters

Always In Stock – Overpressure filters from Freshfilter are always in stock and can be delivered quickly.

Equipped With Stickers – This sticker ensures that you can see in which order and how the filters should be placed in the overpressure system.

Filter Advice – Landlogic are able to assist with the correct filter selection for your specific application in consultation with the Freshfilter Safety Expert in the Netherlands.

Timely Replacement Of Filters – To ensure the working environment is kept clean and cabin operators are safe: dust filters (P1, P2 or P3) should be replaced every 6 months, and carbon filters should be replaced be every 13 weeks.

Coarse Dust & Absolute Filters

P1 and P2 protect P3 – Freshfilter provides P1 and P2 filters to filter coarse dust particles (with dimensions larger than 4 microns). These filters also ensure that the P3 absolute filter is saturated less quickly.

P3 Absolute Filter – Harmful particulates such as asbestos or quartz dust are captured by a P3 filter, which is why these filters are often used in demolition works. All P3 filters are tested on leak tightness and are supplied with a test certificate.


Carbon filters of high quality

Protect Against Gases & Vapors – Active carbon particles are attractive to gaseous or liquid particles (molecules) which ensure contaminated molecules remain in the filter.

Classification NEN12941 – The NEN12941 provides a clear classification for different types of chemical substances and their adsorption requirement.

10% More Activated Carbon – Because Freshfilter is the only producer to fill the filters under enormous pressure, a FF carbon filter contains 10% more carbon. This ensures, among other things, that the carbon in the filter will never settle.


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