FF Multibox Filters

The FFMultibox is a stack system with a filling height of 200mm. The 200mm should always be filled up, with either only filters or a combination of filters and fillers.

Reverse Installation

As the unit is taking in the dust particles against gravity, the filters should be installed in a different order.

Coarse dust filters should be placed in the bottom of the unit, on top of that the absolute filter and at the top the carbon filter.

FFMultibox, XS and XL

The FFMultibox series is also available in an XS and XL version.

The filling height of the XS series is 150 mm. The FFMultibox XL has the same filling height as the normal FFMultibox, 200 mm.


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FF Multibox Filters

FF Multibox XS Filters

FF Multibox XL Filters


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