M:DSX – Mounted No-Till Seed Drill

Lightweight Performance, Maximum Versatility.

Experience the power of DSX technology in a compact, maneuverable form with the Horizon M:DSX Mounted No-Till Seed Drill.


Ideal for smaller farms and diverse operations, the M:DSX delivers:

  • Lightweight agility: Navigate tight spaces and smaller fields with ease.
  • DSX performance: Utilise the proven seeding coulter design for consistent, precise placement in no-till conditions.
  • Flexible configurations: Choose 22cm or 25cm row spacing, single or dual product application, and optional mini hopper for added versatility.
  • Seamless integration: Compatible with the Horizon FT2200 front hopper or your existing setup for efficient dual-product planting.
  • Power efficiency: Requires only 25 horsepower per meter, making it an economical choice for smaller tractors.



  • Row spacing options of 22cm or 25cm
  • 3-Point Linkage Hitch
  • Expandable mounted frame
  • 25 horsepower required per metre
  • When working in conjunction with the Horizon FT2200 the M:DSX can sow 2 different products either together or in alternate rows
  • 1 or 2 distribution heads for multiple products
  • Optional pneumatic row cleaners are available on M:DSX with 25cm row spacings
  • Optional 400l mini hopper
  • Optional stabiliser wheels
  • Optional weight blocks
  • Optional tractor weight transfer system


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