PPX – Precision Planter

Revolutionise your planting operations with the innovative Horizon PPX Planter, powered by cutting-edge technology from Precision Planting. This game-changing planter is engineered to excel in even the most challenging environments, ensuring optimal seed placement for maximum yield potential.

Conquer Tough Field Conditions
High residue? Hard no-till stubble? Uneven strip-till beds? No problem for the PPX. It thrives where other planters struggle, delivering exceptional performance regardless of the obstacles.

Unmatched Precision Planting
Precision Planting technology ensures accurate seed placement in the ideal growing environment, maximising emergence, stand establishment, and ultimately, your yield potential.

Live Data and Automated Adjustments
The PPX goes beyond simply planting. It captures real-time data and automatically adjusts settings to guarantee the optimal environment for every single seed, even in variable field conditions.


Why Choose the Horizon PPX?

  • Reduces soil disturbance: Meets the evolving needs of farmers for sustainable practices.
  • Handles diverse field scenarios: Performs flawlessly in fully cultivated, min-till, strip-till, and no-till environments.
  • Optimises seed placement: Sets the stage for superior plant development and yield potential.
  • Advanced technology: Utilises cutting-edge solutions from Precision Planting for unmatched accuracy and performance.
  • Full Liquid & Granular Fertiliser solutions available



  • Folding or rigid mounted frames, up to 6.4m wide
  • Sliding frame for quick and easy row spacing adjustments
  • Strong and stable parallelogram, only 13cm wide
  • Precision Planting SmartFirmers for moisture, temperature, uniformity, residue and organic matter sensing
  • Precision Planting FurrowJet and Conceal for precision application of liquid fertiliser
  • Precision Planting CleanSweep pneumatic row cleaners
  • Precision Planting DeltaForce row-by-row hydraulic downforce control system
  • Precision Planting 20:20 Controls monitor
  • Precision Planting FurrowForce two-stage closing system
  • Wide range of additional Precision Planting hardware and technology options


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