DSX – Direct Seed Drill

Invest in the Horizon DSX for unmatched performance, adaptability, and long-term value.


Consistent & Precise Seeding:

  • Unique undercut disc design guarantees deep penetration and perfect closure
  • In-cab controlled pneumatic row cleaners clear residue efficiently
  • Centrally controlled hydraulic downforce ensures accurate seed placement


Easy Residue Management:

  • Precision Planting’s CleanSweep technology for convenient row cleaner adjustment
  • Hairpinning prevention with effective trash clearing


Adaptable to Any Condition:

  • Flexible hopper setup for diverse seed types and depths
  • Multiple spec options to meet your specific farming needs


Superior Soil Contact and Germination:

  • Angled undercut disc minimises compaction and soil throw
  • Parallel linkage ensures 300mm of contour following for precise placement
  • Pneumatic closing system with adjustable force for perfect closure in various conditions
  • Seed placement under soil flap protects against cracking and promotes germination


Modular Design for Future Expansion:

  • Easily expand drill width from 4m to 7.5m in the future
  • Wide range of optional parts available for retrofitting based on your needs


Base Features:

  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Front/rear hopper separation
  • 710/50 wheels
  • “V” press wheel


Optional Features:

  • Variable seed rate
  • Internal disc scraper
  • Variable rate unlock
  • Tramline valves – 1 or 2
  • Hopper/reversing cameras
  • Blockage sensors
  • Front trash wheels with CleanSweep control
  • Rear trash wheels with CleanSweep control
  • “W” press wheel
  • 850 wheels and tyre upgrade
  • Air brakes
  • Seed firmers
  • ISOBUS cable (power from ISOBUS socket)
  • Liquid fertiliser kit (1500L tank and 30L/min)


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