Freshfilter develops and produces the controlling systems for the overpressure systems itself.

This ensures that every system is fully up-to-date and meets the latest restrictions. More importantly, it relieves the operator completely in the field of personal protection.

The control systems have been developed in such a way that the systems can perform their work fully automatically, without interaction, and timely inform about potential dangers. This prevents expensive downtime and ad-hoc work on location.

Developed specifically for seamless integration with Freshfilter overpressure systems, the controlling systems ensure that every system is always up-to-date and meets the latest restrictions and requirements. They also relieve the operator of any manual monitoring requirements in the field.

The control systems have been developed in such a way that they perform their work automatically and autonomously, providing timely notifications about potential dangers to working conditions and preventing expensive downtime and ad-hoc work on location.

Always the right cabling

Interchangeable – All Freshfilter systems have a cable harness with the same connection piece. This ensures that all systems are easily and quickly interchangeable.

Elegant mounting – The cable harness is attached via the air supply, ensuring there are no loose cables around the machine.

High quality – Deutsch connectors guarantee a high-quality connection.


Machine Control Panel (MCP) with the FFController 6000

24/7 Synchronisation – With the built-in 2G / 3G / 4G data module, the systems status can be constantly monitored via the MCP.

GPS – All machines can be easily managed and monitored online.

Filter Replacement – Graphs and reports indicate the saturation level of the filters and provide an estimation of replacement timelines.

Alert Visibility – All machine alerts can be viewed online or via the MCP.


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