FF Controller 6000

The FFController 6000 series belongs to the very latest generation of cabin surveillance. You can find all functions of the first-generation controller back in this all-rounder, but now with more.

Existing and new functions in one device

The FFController 6000 series has the same form factor as its predecessors. The 6000 series also uses the same cabling, so the interchangeability of the various generations remains the same. All Freshfilter systems are provided with a single, universal, cable connection. If you want to upgrade from a 3000 series to a 6000 series, this is possible without needing to run a new cable harness through the cabin.

Clear, Intuitive Control

The four buttons and touchscreen allows for simple operation of the control panel. The clear display provides all the information needed to guarantee and maintain a safe working climate in the cabin, and alerts are shown in the event of danger. With the intuitive control, you can view all tabs, providing quick and easy insight into filter registration, odour sensors, and more.

External Aux Connection

With the 12-pin auxiliary connection, you can add or replace functions in module form. For example, external indoor/outdoor sensors, a data logger, an external green lamp, a recirculation unit or a sensor-dependent 1/0 output.

Odour Sensor (opt.)

The FFController 6000 series offers the possibility to connect up to four different odour sensors to the system. This allows you to install specific sensors if you work in heavy pollution. For remediation with vapours and/or gases, it is mandatory to use an odour sensor. We have a different sensor for each type of pollution. The sensors can be mounted at the desired location both inside and outside the cabin, making it possible, for example, to install sensors on the head of the jib.

Filter Registration

The control system is equipped with filter registration, and filters can be easily registered via the touchscreen. The serial number, type of filter, operating hours and installation date are stored here. Based on the running time of a filter, the 6000 series gives a message that the filter needs to be replaced. This gives you the opportunity to order new filters in advance.

With the optional 4G module you can also easily retrieve this data from your computer.

Flow Measurement

The 6000 series control systems have flow measurement as standard. If the flow is too high, the alarm will switch on, and it is advisable to have the cabin checked for leak-tightness.

4G Data Modem

With a built-in 4G data modem, the status of the control system is constantly synchronised with the Machine Control Panel (MCP). This allows you to remotely monitor and configure the working climate of your staff. With a data plan, you can manage your fleet worldwide via the online Freshfilter MCP (Machine Control Panel).


The 6000 series is also equipped with GPS, so you can easily see the locations of your fleet.


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