KMS Guide: Steps to mounting a Barrel pruner.

  1. Fit the adapter plate to tractor weight block. Tighten 4 mounting bolts to secure the plate. There are two more locking bolts on the bottom of the plate. Ensure the locking pin is fitted through both the adapter plate and tractor weight block.

  2. Position the pruner next to the tractor, using the hydraulic jack on the stand, set the pruner in place. Once the pruner is in place on the mounting plate – Screw in 4 bolts that lock the adapter plate and pruner together. Watch video guide →

  3. Hydraulic hoses and control box cable can be running down the right-hand side of the tractor and be cable tied in place. Connect hydraulic settings to rear of tractor. Ensure oil flow is set 22-25 l/min operating range. Max is 30l/min.

  4. Connect the pressure and return line, as well as the cable that runs from the tractor to the barrel pruner. Ensure the correct plug is used when making this connection. The correct plug should be traced back to the barrel pruner, not the valve block on the mast. Watch video guide →

  5. Ensure that the cutting disks sit parallel to the ground. This can be adjusted with the screws around the centre pivot bolt. Watch video guide →

  6. Run up barrel pruner and test function of mast. Turn blades on and check open/close function with red button as well as open/close toggle switch.

  1. If the full set of cutting blades is being used, ensure the distance between the two bottom cutting blades is set to 1-2mm. This is done by loosening the screw on the collar and sliding the bottom blades into position and re-tightening the screw. All other blade distances are set and not adjustable.

  2. To remove the bottom set of cutting blades, loosen the two screws in the bottom bearing then loosen locking screws in the lower part of the frame, then remove the lower frame. There is a security screw between the first and second cutting blades – Loosen this and remove blade set. Watch video guide →


There is a flow divider on the mast valve-block that divides the flow from the tractor between the mast cylinders and the barrel pruner hydraulic functions. Winding the flow divider clockwise will slow mast cylinder functions, winding it anti-clockwise will speed up the function. Watch video guide →

On the top of the barrel pruner there is another flow divider that divides the flow between disk cutting speed and the open/close ram. A clockwise adjustment will speed up the open/close function. Watch video guide →

On the barrel pruner hydraulic block, next to the flow divider is a pressure relief valve. Adjusting this valve clockwise will increase pressure to the blades, allowing it to cut thicker canes. Watch video guide →

Adjust pressure regulator on the side of the control valve block on mast. Turn it clockwise to increase pressure. Watch video guide →

Using the supplied manometer, attach the fitting to the bottom of the accumulator (just hand tight) and attach the other end to the pressure line on the mast. Ensure the hand valve is closed (horizontal position) Turn on tractor and turn blade switch to on position. Very slowly, start to open hand valve until the pressure gauge reads 65-70 BAR. Turn off hydraulic supply and remove manometer. Watch video guide →

There is a small fuse inside the control box, a spare fuse should also be found inside the box. 


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