VHD Taper Back 3PL Twin Rotor Hyd Side Shift General Slashers


Gason VHD Taper Back 3PL Twin Rotor Hydraulic Side Shift General Slashers are designed and constructed for demanding slashing conditions. They freely manoeuvre the cutting zone to suit the terrain or environmental conditions, greatly assisting in operational productivity.

This mower is a great option for roadside mowing where side shift allows the tractor to stay away from drains etc and mower to be easily manoeuvred around obstacles.

Suitable for 70 to 200HP Tractors (subject to compatible Tractor specifications).


Base Features:

  • 2.27m cutting width
  • Easy clean, 6mm folded deck
  • Tapered design for a tighter turning arc
  • Comer Italian 140hp gearbox, Comer T80 Series PTO shaft and 4 plate clutch with over-run
  • 2 position rear wheel kit (if fitted) allowing for tighter turning (180⁰ castor only) and forward/reverse work (360⁰ castor)
  • Manual adjustment for king pin to remain verƟ cal to maintain same cutting height in forward or reverse operation
  • Side shift to right movement from centre = 1.62m
  • Side shift to the left movement from centre = 1.95mm
  • Front and rear safety debris chains


Optional Features:

  • Oil seal protector kit twin rotor only (Comer gearbox only)


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