Trailed ‘Propper Topper’ Pasture Toppers


The Gason Proper Topper continues the tradition of the Proper Topper designed by Chris Grow Engineering. The trailed ‘Propper Topper’ allows for a wider cut with a smaller tractor as it is trailed vs 3PL mounted.

Improve your pasture and increase production with regular topping of paddocks with the Gason Trailed Proper Topper.

Suitable for 80 to 180HP Tractors (subject to compatible Tractor specifications).


Base Features:

  • 2.92m – 3.57m cutting widths
  • Easy clean, 6mm folded deck including an open back for more even spread of cutting
  • 130HP Bare-Co 3 gearbox driveline incorporating torsion rubber couplings, Bare-Co CVJ PTO for tighter turning and 4 plate clutch with over-run
  • Front and rear safety debris chains
  • Designed for sharp, clean cutting of pasture, with discharged cuttings spread evenly behind without windrowing
  • Adjustable rear deflectors for rear discharge and even spread
  • Two-position rear guards offer closed and open back for discharge control


Optional Features:

  • Dual-mulching blade kit for a finer cut and better spread of material
  • Suspension for rougher conditions


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