VHD Winged Deck Triple Rotor Orchard Mowers


Gason VHD Winged Deck Triple Rotor Orchard Mowers are designed with a free floating winged deck for contoured inter rows. A long-time favourite of Australian and New Zealand orchardists.

Suitable for 70 to 130HP Tractors (subject to compatible Tractor specifications).


Base Features:

  • 3.71 cutting width
  • Easy clean, ‘Fall Away’, 6mm folded deck
  • Wide one pass mowing
  • 130HP Bare-Co 3 Gearbox driveline, Bare-Co 8 Series PTO and 4 plate clutch with over-run
  • 220mm diameter height adjustable ‘Domed End’ front and rear rollers
  • Free floating wings
  • Tapered rear corners
  • Front and Rear safety debris chains
  • Mulch throw both sides with discharge deflectors or lift full side plates for discharge and mulching of small to medium size prunings <50mm


Optional Features:

  • Dual blade option
  • Dual 6.00 x 9” 4x wheel kit


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