VHD Trailed Triple Rotor Orchard Mowers


The Gason VHD Trailed Triple Rotor Orchard Mower offers a great option for customers with specialty tractors where hitch lift capacity/stability may be a concern. The trailed VHD mower with its phased rams on the drawbar and rear wheel assemblies combined with the cutting height control enables easy control for the operator.

Suitable for 70 to 130HP Tractors (subject to compatible Tractor specifications).

Base Features:

  • 4.08m cutting width
  • Easy clean, 6mm folded deck
  • Wide one pass mowing
  • Bare-Co 130HP x3 cutterhead gearbox driveline, 8 Series PTO shafts, 4 plate clutch with over-run and wide angle CV joint
  • Drawbar pull, trailed machine
  • Height adjustable, floating drawbar
  • Front and Rear safety debris chains
  • Standard with mulch throw side discharge or rear discharge
  • Heavy-duty rear trailing wheel assembly, fitted with 4 flotation tyres


Optional Features:

  • Dual mulching blades


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