Single-sided Vineyard Defoliators/Leaf Pluckers


KMS Rinklin Vineyard Defoliators/Leaf Pluckers provide a well ventilated fruit zone and not only thin out the fruit zone carefully and gently, but also expels the cut foliage cleanly. This not only reduces fungal infections in the fruit zone, but also in the bunches themselves.

The vine leaves whether large or small, dry or wet are plucked off by a suction fan between a rubber cylinder and a hollow cylinder. The removed leaves are ejected forward into the row and away from the canopy.

Unique to the KMS plucker is the optional DUO Turbine available on the full range of models. This provides a second fan mounted behind the plucker head that blows a jet of air into the canopy to remove inflorescence residues from grapes.

A well-ventilated grape zone makes a major contribution towards grape health.

Single row plucker is available with single or twin roller head option and a range of masts rotating 240 degrees


Base Features:

  • Turbine housing aluminium, powder-coated, opens for cleaning
  • Roller housing stainless steel, opens for cleaning
  • Hydraulic MONO turbine, 1 x s-a
  • Steel blower fan, self-cleaning
  • Suction roller, round holes
  • Rubber rollers
  • Stepless adjustment of roll speed
  • Row sensing: gas-pressure-damped parallelogram
  • Manual tilt of plucker head
  • Storage Trolley


Optional Features:

  • Range of mounting options available
  • Standard or comfort joysticks
  • DUO Turbine option
  • Reversible rollers
  • Optional slotted suction rollers
  • Hydraulic tilt of plucker heads
  • Twin roller head
  • Hydraulic Pre-Trimmer attachment
  • Hydraulic lateral positioning up to 1,110mm (2.10m overall width)


Additional Attachments:

Mounting cariants for Leaf Stripper, Single Sided

Hydrolic power packs


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