Superior Spreaders – 7390 & 7312 Models


Gason Superior Spreaders are designed for Australian and New Zealand conditions and can handle a wide range of fertiliser products, such as chicken litter, compost, urea, pelletised phosphates and lime. 

Manufactured from heavy gauge steel, our Spreaders are highly efficient and simple to operate – built strong to give you years of reliable service.

Innovative design paired with practical knowledge and expert manufacturing has resulted in Gason’s range of multi-purpose Spreaders that give superior performance and require little maintenance.

A simple but highly effective ground drive mechanism automatically adjusts application rates as ground speed changes, which is particularly useful in undulating or variable country.

If you’re looking for a tough, dependable Spreader for fertiliser or manure, you’ve come to the right place!


Base Features:

  • The 9T & 12T spreaders (7390 & 7312) comes standard with both the WideSpread & general purpose spinner discs.
  • Urea can be spread to 36 metres with the Wide Spread spinner discs that have been designed to handle pelletised product.
  • By changing the discs and removing one panel from the discharge area, the spreader can then be used to spread lime, gypsum and manures.
  • Ground drive as standard so the spreader can be as simple to use as its smaller 7T model
  • Bin mounted tacho


Optional Features:

  • VRT hydraulic drive & ISOBUS options available with a range of systems and in cab displays
  • Load cell kit which can be field installed by dealer post build on 7390 and 7312 models
  • Heavy Duty Spinner kit (suitable for contaminated manures with rocks or stones)
  • Braked axle options
  • Tarp kit (factory installed)
  • Independent feed chain / spinner hydraulic kit
  • Tail light kit
  • Row crop wheel options – available on 2m or 3m wheel centres
Heights measured for 9t and 12t models with 450mm under front hitch and without options.
***Add 195mm to overall length of 9t and 12t models if load cell kit is fitted.


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