Front/Rear Mount Twin Rotor Rapier Vineyard Mowers

Gason Front/Rear Mount Twin Rotor Rapier Vineyard Mowers continue the tradition of CGE (ChrisGrow) Rapier vineyard mower.

This Front Mount Twin Rotor Rapier Vineyard Vineyard Mower is designed to fit most front linkage tractors and can be easily converted for rear 3PL mounting. The main benefit of the front linkage mower is that it is mounted very close to the tractor. This means the mower is not protruding excessively forward of the tractor, so is ideal when turning in narrow headlands or mounted to smaller tractors.

The mower is unique in that it provides great options for completing multiple tasks in one pass and therefore improving productivity in the vineyard.

Suitable for 55 to 120HP Tractors (subject to compatible Tractor specifications).


Base Features:

  • 80m – 2.34m cutting widths
  • 6mm deck, fully welded
  • Rear discharge or side discharge both sides as standard
  • 120HP Power divider and power matched satellite rotor head gearboxes incorporating torsion rubber couplings and 4 plate PTO clutch
  • Pipe buffers fitted as standard, allow the mower to slip past tight row conditions of large strainers etc
  • Large diameter height adjustable roller with domed ends
  • Anti-scalp skids – lined with hardened steel skids
  • Heavy duty construction


Optional Features:

  • Optional twin 220mm diameter rollers in lieu of anti-scalp skids & short front chain
  • Dual mulching blades and trash anvil attachment, for a finer cut and better spread of material


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