Featured Vapormatic Products July 2022

Featured Vapormatic Products from the Vapormatic July 2022 Quarterly Newsletter

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Bondloc Range

The Bondloc range is manufactured in the UK, to ISO 9001 standard. Bondloc offers a diverse range of quality products to cater for the most demanding bonding, sealing and assembly applications.

For more information on specific products and part number substitutions and cross references please visit the Vapormatic website here.

Thinking of running your own Bondloc promotion? A Bondloc branded point of sale stand is also available that can be supplied with a recommended range of popular Bondloc product or to your choice of products. Contact Tony or our Customer Service Team for more info. View PDF

Vapormatic Cable ties & Fuses

A couple of the most commonly used consumable products in any workshop are cable ties and fuses. Vapormatic has a large range of both cable ties and fuses available at competitive prices.

Our high quality cable ties are available in the following sizes;

  • VLC2310 Loose cable ties 2.5 x 100mm (pack of 100)
  • VLC2311 Loose cable ties 3.6 x 140mm (pack of 100)
  • VLC2322 Loose cable ties 3.6 x 295mm (pack of 100)
  • VLC2323 Loose cable ties 4.8 x 196mm (pack of 100)
  • VLC2324 Loose cable ties 4.8 x 370mm (pack of 100)
  • VLC2325 Loose cable ties 7.6 x 368mm (pack of 100)
  • VLC2320 Loose cable ties 8.9 x 770mm (pack of 50)
  • VLC2326 Loose cable ties 12.7 x 580mm (pack of 10)
  • VLC2327 Loose cable ties 12.7 x 1030mm (pack of 10)
  • VLC2316 Coloured Cable tie assortment (pack 1000)

Please check the Vapormatic website in the “Accessories New or Hydraulics” section for more details and pricing or click here.

Fuses are available as individuals, packs of 5, selection pack or full assortment packs. Please visit the Vapormatic website to view the range.


Vapormatic has range of robust, dash-mounted cameras in the audio-visual range. Whether you require a ‘plug and play’ solution for your fleet, or a hard-wired kit, these high-definition products feature fully adjustable lenses and full colour screens with excellent night-time performance.

VLC5663, has the added advantage of being supplied with a 12V plug adapter and a suction pad. Therefore, customers who want the flexibility of a plug and play kit that can be moved between vehicles can buy this product without the expense of having to purchase an additional wiring kit.
  • VLC5663 = HD Dash Cam 720p with 12V Plug Adaptor
  • VLC5664 = HD Dash Cam, 720p Includes 32GB MicroSD Card
  • VLC5665 = HD Dash Cam, 1080p includes 64GB, MicroSD Card & Cabin Cam

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