New Vapormatic Products July 2022

New Vapormatic Products from the Vapormatic July 2022 Quarterly Newsletter

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NEW Bondloc Sanitiser Range

Vapormatic have introduced a new range of sanitisation products from Bondloc, including new 75% IPA hand wipes supplied in packs of 100. Given the need to ensure good hygiene practice in all areas of life, the large pack quantity offers a competitive price point for business owners. In addition, the wipes are biodegradable making them a sensible choice for environmentally conscious customers. View PDF

NEW INNOVATION Hydraulic Top Links from Walterscheid

These damped hydraulic cylinders from Walterscheid are the first hydraulic top links with an integrated shock absorber, designed to increase the efficiency of agricultural machinery.

The accumulator piston, which houses the damping valve, is made of aluminium and has low-friction seals designed to withstand high temperatures across a range of -20°C to 80°C.

In addition, the damped hydraulic cylinder provides increased comfort and safety with improved road-holding properties as well as reduced shocks and counter-shocks. Fewer pressure peaks  mean less wear, offering lasting contributions to better productivity and performance. These new top links are compatible and interchangeable with existing standard top links and can be installed without additional components or the need for additional space. View PDF

NEW Hydraulic Hose Grip Handles

Vapormatic are now offering customers ten new hydraulic grip handles which aim to help customers correctly connect hydraulic hoses first time. The ergonomic grip handles make connecting hoses easier, safer, save time and help keep you hands clean!

Each handle is sold individually allowing customers flexibility to choose their own combinations. Available in five colours red, blue, yellow, green and black, each colour grip handle offers two choices of flow direction, with a pressure flow arrow marked on the grip.

The grip handle consists the coloured plastic grip, ½” BSP female to male adaptor used to hold the handle in place and four screws to join the plastic grip halves. A colour cable tie of the same colour is included to identify the corresponding coupler on a machine. View PDF

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