Starlight 400 Vineyard Pre-Pruners


KMS Rinklin Starlight 400 Vineyard Pre-Pruners are available with cutting heads from 4 pairs of stars to 7 pairs of stars. Each cutting head is driven by a separate hydraulic motor. The robust knives, made of stainless cutlery steel, move in such a way that it is impossible to cut through the wires.

Available with a range of KMS mast options or adapter to fit other manufacturers masts and joysticks.

The Starlight 400 is a good entry level machine suited to smaller vineyards and where only one pruning length is required. The Starlight 400 offers a fixed length cutting head that cannot be extended unlike big brother the Vario 400.


Base Features:

  • Robust tubular steel frame
  • Central suspension 22 mm diameter
  • Wear-resistant star cutters made of special steel
  • Hydr. cutter drive
  • Drive overload protection
  • Guard discs l./r.
  • Transparent protective screen
  • Able to fitted to existing KMS mast, mount and joystick
  • Hydr. opening and closing of cutters by manual trigger
  • Storage trolley


Optional Features:

  • A range of low maintenance KMS heavy duty masts – fixed or tilting
  • Able to be ordered with an adapter to suit other manufacturers masts
  • Tractor brackets for a full range of manufacturers
  • Automatic post detector, for all types of post


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