Clear Vision Trimmers


Built on over 40 years of vineyard trimmer design and manufacturing experience KMS Rinklin was the first company to answer customer demand and supply a clear vision trimmer to the European market.

The KMS double-sided clear-vision vine trimmer offers you maximum variability and user-friendliness. The two lifting frames are each located laterally at the front of the tractor, providing optimum clear vision from the driver’s seat. The entire structure is based on a spread lifting frame that can be moved apart and together hydraulically, either synchronously left and right or individually.

The lifting frame can be operated synchronously or individually making the clear-vision trimmer ideal for terraced and rolling terrain. The same applies for the integrated hydraulic lateral tilt. The cutting units are swivelled hydraulically, and the cutting width adjustment is also hydraulic on the UZ over-row model.

A standard KMS Comfort joystick control unit enables control of a total of ten double-acting functions and makes working with the KMS Rinklin clear-vision vine trimmer a real pleasure.


Base Features:

  • Left/right synchronised, individually adjustable wide width-shift frame, hydraulic, 2 x d-a
  • Two Lifts 100x100x 600 mm stroke, internal cylinder, plastic bearings adjustable for zero clearance, sync. and individual disengagement, integral hydr. lateral inclination, l./r. sync. and individual, incl. parallel linkage
  • Suspension of cutter
  • Cutter w. spray protection, powder-coated
  • Double impact protection on vertical cutters, automatic return
  • Folding transport guard for cutter
  • Wire-repelling polychrome curved knives, hydraulic drive
  • Width adjustment on lift mounting hydraulic, l./r. sync. and individual (row widths 2.0-3.1m)
  • Hydraulic tilting of cutter, 30° l./r.
  • Hydraulic cutting width adjustment, 15 – 55 cm, sync. and individual
  • Storage trolley, manual height adjustment
  • Comfort joystick control


Optional Features:

  • Options for manual angle and position adjustment of cutters
  • Shoot gatherer for vertical cutter (L/R)
  • Narrow row widths option 1.8 – 2.4m


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