Standard Trimmers


KMS Rinklin Standard Vineyard Trimmer offers the vineyard owner with a great solution for their trimming needs.

Equipped with KMS Rinklin’s light and robust cutting unit as standard. Packed with features it comes including a unique splash guard that improves productivity and reduces debris, anti-collision systems in both directions, a folding transport protection for the knife (which always remains on the machine) and the wire-avoiding sickle knife it guarantees a long service life and clean cutting.

A long list of options ensures the right machine for your needs. The KMS standard trimmer is renowned for its easy maintenance and low running costs.


Base Features:

  • Cutter w. debris protection, powder-coated
  • Low rib belt, knife drive
  • Double impact protection on vertical cutters with automatic return. Top cutters are fixed
  • Folding transport safety guard for vertical and top cutter
  • Wire-repelling polychrome curved knives, hydraulic drive
  • Manual tilting of cutter, 30° l./r.
  • Storage trolley – Hydraulic height adjustment


Optional Features:

  • A range of low maintenance KMS heavy duty masts – fixed or tilting
  • Able to be ordered with an adapter to suit other manufacturers masts or to share KMS equipment with current KMS mast, mount and joystick
  • Tractor brackets for a full range of manufacturers
  • 2 or 3 knife top cutter
  • Shoot gatherer for vertical cutter
  • Hydraulic tilting of vertical cutter (electric also available on single L)
  • Narrow row widths 1.6m – 2.8m
  • Standard or comfort joysticks


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